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Helping single
parents find
their way


The life of a single parent can be very difficult,

particularly when bills pile up. Instead of dealing with these problems alone, SPINN shares the burdens and responsibilities by helping single parents obtain financial assistance in order to provide the basic needs for their children.

Image by Jimmy Dean

What does SPINN do?

SPINN supports the needs of single parents or families that are in the armed forces, honorably discharged veterans, guardsmen, reservists, civilians and their children, who are raising their families alone due to the death, divorce or other situations. We will assist them in obtaining financial support for their families, childcare needs, educational, training, activities that stimulate cognitive growth and legal assistance pertaining to any custody issues while military personnel are deployed, financial counseling, mediation services, employment outreach and transitioning from active duty to civilian programs.


Who does SPINN help?

SPINN helps single parents who are low-income earners and cannot meet the daily budget for food, shelter, clothing, childcare or after-school program needs. SPINN will also assist in coordinating efforts to secure a safe environment for families. It is a number of single parents that would welcome the opportunity to work a second job to support their children, but they have problems finding someone to keep their children or they have problems in entrusting individuals with their kids. SPINN will assist in securing a Day or Night care providers that can be trusted with their children. This way, their mind is put at ease knowing that their kids are safe.

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